It’s a brothers thing.

Nanna is knitting a tunic with the wool she got with our Christmas voucher. It’s for a grownup lady. Nanna says we should try and say “woman” not “lady” but she thinks it’s a losing battle. We don’t know what that means. We aren’t fighting (right now). Sometimes we fight about who plays with the bus. Or the garbage truck. Or whatever one of us has that makes the other one want it. Nanna says there are heaps of toys to play with. She doesn’t understand. It’s a brothers thing. Nanna says turquoise is tricky to photograph, and the wool … Continue reading It’s a brothers thing.

Nanna’s still knitting… turquoise cardi on sale now

Check out Big Brother modelling this cardigan. It’s too big for him, but he’s not bothered! It’s turquoise blue wool, double-breasted, with cables and double row of flowery buttons. If you like, there are matching mittens- Big Brother wouldn’t wear them, though. Here’s where you can go to buy the cardigan –  Nanna’s shop on, called “bronzart”:   Continue reading Nanna’s still knitting… turquoise cardi on sale now

3 oranges

Nanna says she’s still working on 3 garments: the Jump for Joy jersey just needs its sleeves to be finished, the Asian Inspired jacket’s ready to be sewn up, and the Chunky knit-in-one-piece cardi is about one-third done. She says she’d be done by now if we’d left her in peace for just a couple of hours while she stayed with us! We thought she liked playing with us… feeding us, changing our clothes, taking us out while Mummy got some work done. By the time we were in bed, she says she was too tired to do anything but … Continue reading 3 oranges

Asian Inspiration

Nanna ran out of wool! She came to stay with us, and can’t get the wool she needs to finish the Jump for Joy jersey she’s been working on. So she bought some different wool, and she’s started a cardigan. It’s one of her favourites; she knitted one for each of us, but we’re too big for them now. Here’s a picture of the wool she’s using, the one she knitted for Big Brother, and pictures from the pattern of the “Asian inspired” jacket.                   Continue reading Asian Inspiration