Scrumble shawls

Nanna says she enjoyed making the “free knitting and scrumbles shawl” that’s for sale at Kapiti Gallery. She says she’s going to make one for herself now, in colours she loves and wears a lot. We’re guessing it will be blue… But Nanna also says, If someone wanted to pay her a small fortune for it,… Continue reading Scrumble shawls

can you guess what this is?

Nanna’s knitted a LOT OF HATS but they’re not for Little Brother – who doesn’t like hats, anyway – or for Big Brother who already has a snuggly purple hat. The hats Nanna’s been knitting are to give away to kids who don’t have a Nanna or Mum who knits for them; or who need… Continue reading can you guess what this is?

Asian Inspiration

Nanna ran out of wool! She came to stay with us, and can’t get the wool she needs to finish the Jump for Joy jersey she’s been working on. So she bought some different wool, and she’s started a cardigan. It’s one of her favourites; she knitted one for each of us, but we’re too… Continue reading Asian Inspiration

she’s on fire!

Nanna says she’s about a quarter of the way through a new garment. She says knitting is her job now, and she’s only watching recordings of “Project Runway” because she needs something going on while she knits. She says she’s not gonna let the talent of 14 & 15 year olds on “Project Runway Junior”… Continue reading she’s on fire!