• your turn! will Nanna follow the ‘structions?

    your turn! will Nanna follow the ‘structions?

    Now the chunky blue rug is finished, Nanna’s knitting something you might like to buy. Guess what it’s going to be? Will it be orange? Will it be quirky? Will Nanna follow the pattern? (I told her, “It’s very ‘portant to follow the ‘structions, Nanna. When she read them, the model she built for me wasn’t lopsided.)

  • chunky blue rug

    Nanna’s working on a rug now. This one isn’t for us; she’s using leftover wool that people don’t need, to knit a warm, chunky rug for kids whose Nanna or mum can’t knit for them. Sometimes their mum or dad can’t look after them and they go to stay at someone else’s place – sometimes […]

  • new site for quirky knits

    little brother big brother bright and quirky hand knitting by Bronwyn White