• can you guess what this is?

    Nanna’s knitted a LOT OF HATS but they’re not for Little Brother – who doesn’t like hats, anyway – or for Big Brother who already has a snuggly purple hat. The hats Nanna’s been knitting are to give away to kids who don’t have a Nanna or Mum who knits for them; or who need […]

  • just try it on… please?

        Nanna just finished this jersey. It’s made from hand spun wool she got from a knitting group friend, with some shop bought wool for contrast. She knit it in funny squares and rib patterns, with a V neck. Then she needed a model. Big Brother didn’t want to put the jersey on, and Little […]

  • who will wear these winter woollies?

    Nanna says the navy and off-white striped hat is for Little Brother, but he won’t wear it. Little Brother does not like hats. Nanna’s knitted navy and orange things – hat, mittens and socks – in adult size. Just now, they’re on sale at the Winter Woollies exhibition at Kapiti Gallery, along with the jersey […]

  • she followed the pattern, but…

    Silly old Nanna! We’re not being cheeky, she said this to herself. Nanna says the followed the pattern this time BUT she forgot she was knitting 10 ply instead of 8 ply wool. So Big Brother’s jersey is WAY too big, and Little Brother’s jersey is, too. This means Big Brother can wear the jersey […]

  • she’s knitting for us, this time

    After making quite a lot of things to sell, Nanna says she’s knitting winter jerseys for us just now. She’s nearly finished one for big brother, and then she’ll start on little brother’s one. When they’re done, she’ll post photos of us wearing them. If you like them, you could commission one. (Nanna, what’s comishun?)

  • It’s a brothers thing.

    Nanna is knitting a tunic with the wool she got with our Christmas voucher. It’s for a grownup lady. Nanna says we should try and say “woman” not “lady” but she thinks it’s a losing battle. We don’t know what that means. We aren’t fighting (right now). Sometimes we fight about who plays with the […]

  • the ruffly tunic’s nearly done (fank goodness)

    Nanna says she’s nearly finished the ruffly thing, and that’s good coz she’s sick of it. She’s been working on it – on and off- since before Christmas. We still don’t know what it is. I don’t think it’s for one of us. We hope not. It’s very “wuffy” (that’s Little Bwuvver for ruffly). Maybe […]

  • guess what colour

    We got Nanna a wool shop voucher for Christmas. She spent it last week. Nanna says it took her ages and ages to choose. Guess what colour wool she bought?    

  • …just hasn’t been posting

    Nanna’s been busy, she …just hasn’t been posting. And she’s still working on the ruffly thing…    

  • at Nanna’s, being rascals

    A word from Big Brother: we are staying at Nanna’s place at the moment. She’s busy knitting something but won’t tell us what it is. She says we take up so much time, and we’re not to mess with her wools like rascal little kittens! She’ll be back to show you some more photos soon. […]