• Colours of the ocean for a friend

    Nanna says she couldn’t think what to get her oldest friend for her birthday. Then she said she’s not the oldest friend she’s got, but they’ve been friends for over 45 years, and we think that sounds very old. In the end, Nanna says she decided something “handmade with love” would be the best present, and […]

  • Scrumble shawls

    Nanna says she enjoyed making the “free knitting and scrumbles shawl” that’s for sale at Kapiti Gallery. She says she’s going to make one for herself now, in colours she loves and wears a lot. We’re guessing it will be blue… But Nanna also says, If someone wanted to pay her a small fortune for it, […]

  • Long and winding scarf

    Nanna says she started knitting a jersey in colours to match her new trousers – and it got away on her! It’s long and striped and although it matches her “autumn” pants, she doesn’t often wear scarfs and might sell it instead. We reckon it looks lovely and snuggly and warm and wiggly!

  • Nanna sold a jersey…

    …and knitted a couple of new ones! Nanna says she’s very happy someone bought her “Jump for Joy” jersey for their little kid  and also some kids’ ugg boots. We got beautiful yarn for Nanna for Christmas, and she’s nearly finished knitting a cardigan/jacket. The wool we got her is twisted blue and purple, and […]

  • Scrumble Shawl

    Nanna says she’s scrumbling again. She’s joined  the scrumbles together. She says it’s going to be a shawl. She plans to put it in an exhibition. It looks very warm! We wonder who will buy it? PS At the top of the first picture is a kind of scrumble flower bag Nanna made a while […]

  • We’re far away…

    Nanna is still knitting for us, even though we’re far away now. Little Brother and Big Brother have moved to their dad’s hometown in South Korea. It’s a long way from New Zealand! Little Brother is wearing his stripy jersey already, and Nanna says she’ll send a Big Brother’s soon. She says it’s fully reversible […]

  • Stripy stitching is fun!

    Nanna says she’s knitting as quick as she can, to get jerseys finished for Little Brother and Big Brother. Mummy asked her to knit for us, becsuse we are going to South Korea for a while, and we will arrive in winter! Here’s Little Brother’s jersey so far:

  • she’s still scrumbling

    Nanna says she’s really enjoying “free knitting”! These are her scrumbles so far. She thinks they’re getting away on her…  

  • Scrumbles – you never know…

    When she finished knitting a vivid stripy scarf, Nanna says she hat lots of bits of colours to play with. So she’s doing freeform knitting, making scrumbles. We don’t know what they’ll turn into. Nanna says she doesn’t know, either. But she’s got some ideas… Nanna always says “I’ve got an idea!” (Little brother says, “So […]

  • Scarfies

    Nanna says she’s just finished a “summer beach / winter weight” scarf. There’s a matching necklace you might want to buy to wear with it. Nanna says they’ll be on felt.com soon.