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  • We thought she said ghostly

    Nanna says she’s knitting a new cardigan to sell on her website, because she’s made some sales lately and needs to restock her shop. She showed us the jersey when we talked on Skype. It’s got orange and blue stripes but she says it’s not as ghastly as it sounds. We thought she said ghostly […]

  • Shawls and scarves and news for you!

    Shawls and scarves and news for you!

    photos of the newest knitting – and a couple of older things, just to remind you they’re still in Nanna’s bronzart shop

  • Asian Inspiration

    Nanna ran out of wool! She came to stay with us, and can’t get the wool she needs to finish the Jump for Joy jersey she’s been working on. So she bought some different wool, and she’s started a cardigan. It’s one of her favourites; she knitted one for each of us, but we’re too […]