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  • vintage mummy

    vintage mummy

    Here’s a jumper Nanna knitted for our Mummy. She wore it to school! Nanna says it’s a poem to the ’80s. We don’t know what that means. After a while, Mummy wouldn’t wear the things Nanna knitted for her. All she wanted was bubble gum jeans and an acrylic navy blue sweatshirt. Now she loves Nanna’s crazy knitting […]

  • Another Gorgeous Scrumble Shawl

    Nanna says she’s really happy with her snuggly scrumble shawl. We knew it would be blue! (And purple. And a bit of bright green.) When she wore her shawl to church, Nanna says, lots of people admired it! That made her happy! She says she’ll take orders, if anyone wants her to knit one for […]

  • Nanna says some things on Facebook

    Nanna says she usually says things here and posts them to our Little Brother Big Brother Facebook page. But this one’s the other way round; it’s from her FB to here. So you might see it twice. We haven’t seen it, coz too much screen time makes us silly, but our Mum sometimes checks out […]

  • she’s still scrumbling

    Nanna says she’s really enjoying “free knitting”! These are her scrumbles so far. She thinks they’re getting away on her…  

  • Scrumbles – you never know…

    When she finished knitting a vivid stripy scarf, Nanna says she hat lots of bits of colours to play with. So she’s doing freeform knitting, making scrumbles. We don’t know what they’ll turn into. Nanna says she doesn’t know, either. But she’s got some ideas… Nanna always says “I’ve got an idea!” (Little brother says, “So […]

  • Baby Blue – baby’s blue cardi almost finished

    Baby Blue – baby’s blue cardi almost finished

    Nanna just needs to add a button to this little rollneck acrylic cardi. The colours aren’t too good; Nanna will try for some better photos when it’s ready to list for sale on her bronzart shop on felt. Meanwhile, she’s working on a “Scorch the Dragon” hat in orange and green. It’s gonna be cool […]