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  • vintage mummy

    vintage mummy

    Here’s a jumper Nanna knitted for our Mummy. She wore it to school! Nanna says it’s a poem to the ’80s. We don’t know what that means. After a while, Mummy wouldn’t wear the things Nanna knitted for her. All she wanted was bubble gum jeans and an acrylic navy blue sweatshirt. Now she loves Nanna’s crazy knitting […]

  • Tricky rascal raspberries

    Tricky rascal raspberries

    Nanna says some colours are really tricky to photograph – especially if they’re blue hues. Boo hoos!?! Haha, Nanna says it’s enough to make you wanna cry, the way the camera turns pink things red or orange but not bright dark pink like the real wool she was knitting with. She says the wool of […]

  • Snuggle hugs & “Operation Brighten”

    Since Nanna’s last post, she and Granddad have been to visit us in South Korea. We miss each other and it was lovely to have real snuggly hugs instead of talking on the Skype or WhatsApp. They stayed for two weeks, but are home in New Zealand now. Here’s Little Brother wearing a scarf Nanna […]

  • Another Gorgeous Scrumble Shawl

    Nanna says she’s really happy with her snuggly scrumble shawl. We knew it would be blue! (And purple. And a bit of bright green.) When she wore her shawl to church, Nanna says, lots of people admired it! That made her happy! She says she’ll take orders, if anyone wants her to knit one for […]

  • Colours of the ocean for a friend

    Nanna says she couldn’t think what to get her oldest friend for her birthday. Then she said she’s not the oldest friend she’s got, but they’ve been friends for over 45 years, and we think that sounds very old. In the end, Nanna says she decided something “handmade with love” would be the best present, and […]

  • chunky blue rug

    Nanna’s working on a rug now. This one isn’t for us; she’s using leftover wool that people don’t need, to knit a warm, chunky rug for kids whose Nanna or mum can’t knit for them. Sometimes their mum or dad can’t look after them and they go to stay at someone else’s place – sometimes […]