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  • Tricky rascal raspberries

    Tricky rascal raspberries

    Nanna says some colours are really tricky to photograph – especially if they’re blue hues. Boo hoos!?! Haha, Nanna says it’s enough to make you wanna cry, the way the camera turns pink things red or orange but not bright dark pink like the real wool she was knitting with. She says the wool of […]

  • Scrumbles – you never know…

    When she finished knitting a vivid stripy scarf, Nanna says she hat lots of bits of colours to play with. So she’s doing freeform knitting, making scrumbles. We don’t know what they’ll turn into. Nanna says she doesn’t know, either. But she’s got some ideas… Nanna always says “I’ve got an idea!” (Little brother says, “So […]

  • Scarfies

    Nanna says she’s just finished a “summer beach / winter weight” scarf. There’s a matching necklace you might want to buy to wear with it. Nanna says they’ll be on soon.