Nanna says she knits, but also makes other things with yarn, fabric and lots of different kinds of stitching. She’s made a new shop for her knitting for kids like us, and her “bronzart” shop will be where she sells her “fabric art”.

So, you can find the kids’ clothes at her “little brother big brother online shop, but that’s too long for a shop name, so you can look for it as logo 1000 x 1000

It’s got this picture–Nanna says it’s called a logo.

BRONZART LOGONanna says she’s made a new picture for her bronzart shop, too; we like the crazy letters. Nanna says the way the letters look is called the “font”. She likes to teach us this stuff.

Nanna says, “Bye now. I’ve got to knit more things for my shop!”