Nanna says it’s been a while since she posted anything on this website. She says she’s been very busy with other things – like making jewellery (you can buy it, too) and tapestry and stitched canvas work – and helping us move to a city in Australia.

Earlier in the year, Nanna made a new scrumble shawl as well as several scarves. She says it’s a good time to let you know about them, because it’s winter in New Zealand where she lives. (Last year we lived in South Korea where it was sometimes very hot and sometimes freezing cold. Now we’re in a part of Australia where the Nanna says the temperature in winter is a lot like the New Zealand Summer. Nanna says she’s going to spend a lot of time with us in the middle of the year!)

So here are photos of the newest knitting – and a couple of older things, just to remind you they’re still in Nanna’s bronzart shop on the Felt website for you to buy: