Nanna says she usually says things here and posts them to our Little Brother Big Brother Facebook page. But this one’s the other way round; it’s from her FB to here. So you might see it twice.

We haven’t seen it, coz too much screen time makes us silly, but our Mum sometimes checks out online stuff.

From Nanna:

I have several things in the Kapiti Arts and Crafts Society’s Wonders with Wool Exhibition of work by the Spinners, Weavers & Knitters and the Felters groups. This year’s theme is “From Farm to Fashion”.

When I was on Gallery duty on Thursday afternoon, someone came in looking for clothing to fit her very petite frame… She spotted my “child’s” jacket, tried it on and loved it! It was a great feeling to sell something I’d crafted to someone who appreciated it so much.

Here’s the jacket on display – and modelled by Peg, its new owner.

We’re standing by another of my creations, a free form / scrumble knitting beaded shawl in blues and oranges. (See earlier  blogs Scrumble shawls and Nanna sold a jersey…)