Nanna’s knitted a LOT OF HATS but they’re not for Little Brother – who doesn’t like hats, anyway – or for Big Brother who already has a snuggly purple hat.

The hats Nanna’s been knitting are to give away to kids who don’t have a Nanna or Mum who knits for them; or who need to stay at someone else’s place and don’t have time to take their clothes (Foster Hope). We’re lucky coz we’ve got lots of clothes at home and some at Nanna’s house, too.

So, can you guess what Nanna’s been knitting just now?

Here’s an idea: Nanna says it’s similar to – that means, kind of like – another one she knitted, but this one’s smaller. We’ll show you:

It’s going to be a hoodie!

It’s a bit like the tunic Nanna’s finished, that’s ready to buy: