just try it on… please?



Nanna just finished this jersey. It’s made from hand spun wool she got from a knitting group friend, with some shop bought wool for contrast. She knit it in funny squares and rib patterns, with a V neck.

Then she needed a model. Big Brother didn’t want to put the jersey on, and Little Brother’s too little for it.

“Come on, Big Brother, please!” she said. “No!” said stroppy Big Brother. “No!” echoed copycat Little Brother.

Guess what? She bribed him! Big Brother tried on the jersey, and Nanna took several photos of him, looking sultry like a “real” model, as well as smiling and posing. And she gave him a lolly!

When he’d eaten his lolly (and Little Brother had one, too), he shrugged off the jersey and checked it on the sofa. Nanna said, if he liked the jersey he could have it. But he said, “No thanks”.

So now the jersey is for sale.

Maybe your little kid or grandkid would like it?








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