Nanna is knitting a tunic with the wool she got with our Christmas voucher. It’s for a grownup lady.

Nanna says we should try and say “woman” not “lady” but she thinks it’s a losing battle. We don’t know what that means. We aren’t fighting (right now). Sometimes we fight about who plays with the bus. Or the garbage truck. Or whatever one of us has that makes the other one want it. Nanna says there are heaps of toys to play with.

She doesn’t understand. It’s a brothers thing.

Nanna says turquoise is tricky to photograph, and the wool is really the colour that the mug looks like in these photos.

Little brother says, “Nanna jink. Hot. No.o.o.o”. He means Nanna’s drink is too hot and he’s not allowed coffee anyway.

I’ll just grab the truck while Little brother isn’t looking…